Discover our project « Carte sonore »… & help us to finance it!

JCI Rouen search some money to finance its project « Carte sonore ». Be a funder as well!

Since January 2017, 5 members of JCI Rouen work on the project « Carte Sonore », national project of JCI France 2017-2018.

Goal: make restaurants menus accessible for blind people or people visually-impaired.
Proposal : To supply restaurants a specific voice recorder, on which menu content is recorded.

First local chapter developping this project was JCI Saint-Omer, a town in north of France, in 2015. After an investigation phase & different tests, it was clear that  specific voice recorder was the best solution to propose, better than a menu in Braille.
Restaurateurs can record a menu easily, track per track. Users have only 3 buttons on the voice recorder: rewind, stop & reverse buttons, to browse the menu. Each course has a number to make a choice easily.

« Carte sonore » project has been elected as a national project during National Congress in Agen, in november 2016.

Remark: this action is done in partnership with MACIF (insurance company, premium partner of JCI France since many years); they help local chapters to develop locally the project.

In Rouen, target is to have 40 restaurants equipped with voice recorders.

Help us to finance this project by going on crowndfunding platform « Bulb in Town ».

Target is to reach at least 1500€. If it is not reached, donations will be reassigned to funders…

With your fundings, we will be able to enlarge the communication around our project; above 100€-fund, you will be able to finance a voice recorder, for a restaurant you will choose in Rouen, if this restaurant agree to enter in « Carte Sonore » community!


Thanks in advance for your help!